WDR Broadcasting

On air design, set design, lighting design and sound design

WDR is the largest broadcasting company in continental Europe. They hired me as Head of Design. In the on air redesign process I invited my hero Peter Saville as our consultant. The clip shows a short compilation of the results.


"Marketing Heroes" Corporate Film

The Frankfurt branch of Ogilvy & Mather asked me to design and produce a corporate film for IBM's marketing department. We sampled from dozens of movies and music videos. Tried to compose the final clip in a way that none of it would be noticeable. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.


On Air design for the launch of a new national music TV channel

Was hired as creative director for the complete On Air Design, Sound Design and Set Design for the launch of a new national music TV station in collaboration with Double Standards, Berlin. Chris Rehberger and I worked for three months non-stop at Tsunami post production. Music by Marcus Schmickler, FX Randomiz, Thomas Brinkmann, Florian Hecker, Justus Köhncke etc. The video shows a short compilation of the design packages.

Motion graphics on exhibition

Typography and pictures in motion
Summer 2000

Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheffer invited me to show my motion graphic projects in the exhibition Schrift und Bild in Bewegung (Typography and pictures in motion) at Gasteig in Munich, Germany.

Sensorama "Flicker"

Music video

DOP Bettina Herzner and I came up with the idea of two very different worlds influencing each other. We shot on 16 mm at the banks of the river Rhine and deep underground in an ancient basement. Sensorama's record was published by Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt.

Fast Forward


Designer Andrea Duyster and I went to see Charlotte Roche at home and brought hundreds of photos back. Edited them frame by frame. See if you'll find the hidden mail address. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

Deutsche Telekom

"Telekom TV" Image Spot

Was hired by SEA Düsseldorf for concept and design of this opener. A digital Matrjoschka. Produced by Athletico, Düsseldorf. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

Gauloises Blondes

Commercial "Cigarette Lighter"

Once again KolleRebbe asked me to produce a commercial for Gauloises Blondes. The client had this weird cigarette lighter they wanted to see in the film. Despite of that, great art direction by Eva Gödel. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

Pluramon "Formant"

Music video

For this video we went to the phantasmagorical house of my dear friend Christian Boros in Wuppertal. His wonderful art collection plays more than a supporting role. Shot on DVD.


TV Commercial

Renowned advertising agency KolleRebbe hired my to design and produce a commercial for EM-TV's new stock emission. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.


Fake music video

Marcus Schmickler and I were ask to contribute to the SPRACHWERK conference at KISD in Cologne. We sampled from Top 20 music and the corresponding videos. The band "Juice C." doesn't exist and Marcus came up with the song title "This time (I swear)". On the actual conference the video was shown on several monitors. Unfortunately, the audience did not realize the fake.

Kabel New Media

Corporate Film

Was responsible for the concept and look of this one-minute video. Produced it for the prestigious advertising agency KolleRebbe in Hamburg. The music was sampled from the outstanding animation movie Ghost in the shell.

RTL "Fresh News"

On air promotion for the RTL news format

The national private broadcaster RTL was looking for a new target audience: the 20-somethings. The commercial was to be shown at the German music TV channels like MTV and VIVA. Concept by House of Promotion, Cologne. Music by Andreas Schimmelpfennig.

Gauloises Blondes

Introducing the new logo

Gauloises Blondes launched their new logo and needed a video for multi purposes. The Hamburg agency KolleRebbe asked me to come up with an idea. I invited several artists to do a five second clip with the logo and remixed the results into this one minute clip. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

Pluramon "Self"

Music video

A broken High8 camera and a few weeks on the US west coast. Some pictures were taken at the breathtaking Monterey aquarium. A total no-budget production. We edited the video at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

VIVA Dance No.9


To promote VIVA's new compilation CD prestigious Wuppertal agency BOROS asked me to produce a 30-second commercial. We basically bought half a dozen Super8 cameras and threw a party. Later at night we started shooting...

Gauloises Blondes

Commercial "Text film"

KolleRebbe came up with this text idea and asked me to visualize it for movie theaters. My first After FX production in 2K. The clip won many awards, amongst others a lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. Music by Ralf Denker, Hamburg.


Two commercials for the launch of a new motion-picture theater

My first job for the Hamburg advertising agency KolleRebbe. Stefan Kolle stays my  No. 1 advertiser until today! For the two commercials we used slides and 16mm film. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

VIVA Pepsi Drinks

Three commercials for the launch of a new limonades

Jörg Follert and I came up with the concept and directed these clips. We shot with many Super8 cameras. The soft drinks actually tasted weird and looking at the twins had a hallucinogen quality.

RTL2 "Die dicksten Dinger"


The show introduced international commercials to a broader audience on the national TV station RTL2. For the opener I sampled from various sources. Two weeks of compositing. Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

PRO7 Jingles

Logo jingles to be shown right before the commercial break

The national broadcaster PRO7 asked me to come up with an idea for their ad bumpers. We produced several jingles on 16mm all inspired by different contemporary artists. They were aired late at night but won several awards. My first collaboration with composer Marcus Schmickler - still a precious memory.

RTL2 "Hotzspotz"


The show on the national TV channel RTL2 introduced international commercials to a broader audience. Shot on High8 at home, including intense use of my bathtub and the tpyeface of that decade: Template Gothic. Music by Andi Thoma and Jan Werner.

SAT1 "Alarm"


TV producer Ulrich Meyer asked me to produce an opener for his crime show on the national TV station SAT1. In his office he had a huge painting that he wanted me to reproduce in the opener. Interesting challenge on my first job as a freelancer. A collaboration with my water brother Hendrik John. Music by Jan Werner.

VOX Television

On air design for the launch of a new national TV channel

For almost two years I was employed as director of presentation by VOX TV. Together with the sound director Jan Werner I was hired for the concept and production of the on air design for the launch of this new national TV channel. In collaboration with dozens of designers and composers we produced the audiovisual packaging of more than 25 formats. The clip here shows a short compilation. Also read this article (German) - in memorandum.

RTL Television

On air promotion for a series of Russ Meyer films

After graduating from the university I worked for three years (1989-92) as junior art director at the national broadcasting company RTL. One of my last projects was this promotion video for the screening of several Russ Meyer movies.