Deconstructed c/o pop shirt

Redesigning a shirt
August 6th, 2004

The Cologne based design studio FRAM asked 40 artists and designers to refine the official c/o pop t-shirts.

Mine got fillet, stuffed into a transparent plastic bag and subtitled with the very last words from Stanley Kubrick's very last movie. Done in old-fashioned Letraset. It is a pity that one can hardly read them on the picture above. 

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Virtual set design

Report and research project
Summer 2004

An inspiring project with six exceptional technical producers and designers from WDR Broadcasting. We had the chance to see virtual set technology in Warsaw, Bratislawa, London, Bergen, Madrid, and many other beautiful places in Europe.

After weeks of research we wrote the report Virtual set design and virtual TV studio technologies – several hundred pages long.

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extreme theory congress

For almost a year I had the privilege to work with a board of the most inspiring people on a concept for an extreme theory congress.

Our idea was not to find answers or to assign the discourses to appropriate faculties, but to enable the experience that in different and disparate fields questions of contemporary subjectivity are negotiated in ways that might produce recognition of neighbourhood. This sort of dispute about acute questions of our times formulated our idea of a socio-political discourse. We wanted to initiate a discourse, which brings together arts, theory, and politics and gives enough room to question scientists and artists about their views on future social structures.

Board members were: William Bennett, Carmen Brucic, Manu Burghart, Felix Ensslin, Gesche Joost, Nicolas Langlitz and me.

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halb rand klein
halb rand klein

PhD in Aesthetics

"Integrative Audiovisualistik"

Started to write my dissertation in 1996 when I was still living in San Fransisco. Prof. Dr. Bazon Brock was my supervisor at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal / University of Wuppertal (BUW). I defended the dissertation on February 10th, 1999.

The full title of the dissertation is IMAGING SCIENCE: Integrative Audiovisualistik – Diskussionsgrundlage, Fragen-/Aufgabenstellung und Lehrinhalte für einen postgraduierten Studiengang zur Erforschung, Entwicklung und Anwendung von audiovisuellen, computergestützten Medien.

PDF of each chapter [in German]:
Inhalt (Transdisziplinäre Fragestellung)
01. Imaging Science (Bildgebende Verfahren)
02. Naturwissenschaften (Arbeitsfelder von Imaging Science)
03. Evolutionäre Erkenntnistheorie (Geisteswissenschaften)
04. Bildende Künste / Musik (Neuronale Ästhetik)
05. Bildende Wissenschaft (Integrative Audiovisualistik)
06. Literaturnachweis

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The Internet started in San Fransisco

Freelancer for HotWired, San Francisco

In January 1995 I moved to San Francisco. What was meant to be indefinite turned out to last a year. Lived in the Lower Haight district and started to freelance for HotWired. One of the world's first few websites with original content.

A year earlier I had heard an exciting talk by Howard Rheingold at the Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria about how Wired Magazine was to go online. This talk made me wanting to work with them and be part of the next step. HotWired was the first commercial web magazine, launched on October 27, 1994. Although it was part of Wired Ventures, HotWired was a separate entity from Wired, the print magazine, and had original content.

Coming from a motion design background the speed or more precisely the slowness of the web back then made it very difficult for me to adapt. No more motion graphics but silent slide shows - nothing audiovisual.

But it was tremendously inspiring to be in the HotWired offices, and to meet all their incredibly brilliant staff. Thanks to Barbara Kuhr for all her awesome inspiration!

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