Motion Design for RTL II "Die dicksten Dinger"

RTL II title sequence

The show introduced international commercials to a broader audience on RTL II, a commercial, privately owned, general-interest German television channel. For the opener I sampled from various sources. Two weeks of compositing. Sampling, remixing, one my favourite occupation.

Music by Marcus Schmickler, Piethopraxis.

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Cover artwork for "Pick up canyon"

Published by Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt
May 1996

Pluramon is the collaboration project of Marcus Schmickler. He asked Jan St. Werner and me to design the cover artwork for the debut album Pick up canyon. We basically cut from old books and used printing sets for children.

Via Mille Plateaux: "The first Pluramon release on Mille Plateaux, Pick Up Canyon focused on the guitar as an instrument to produce electronic sounds, dealing with the transition from structure and tune (as he calls it). Schmickler says 'I feel it's very microscopic and gives the listener the opportunity to listen into an instrument, like hearing through 3-D glasses into the space between the instruments.' "

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Station idents for PRO7

"Inspired by..."

The national TV broadcasting company PRO7 hired me to develop an idea for a series ad bumpers – station identifications shown before the commercial break. We produced a series of seven jingles on 16mm film, inspired by different contemporary artists. They won several awards, amongst others a Silver Award at PromaxBDA International.

My first collaboration with composer Marcus Schmickler. The take-off of a long story and friendship.

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Motion Design for RTL II "Hotzspotz"

RTL II title sequence

The TV program Hotzspotz on RTL II, a commercial, privately owned, general-interest German television channel, introduced international commercials to a broader audience.
I shot the scenes for the title sequence on Hi8 video at home, including intense use of my bathtub and the tpyeface of that decade: Template Gothic.

Music by Andi Thoma and Jan St. Werner.

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The Internet started in San Fransisco

Freelancer for HotWired, San Francisco

In January 1995 I moved to San Francisco. What was meant to be indefinite turned out to last a year. Lived in the Lower Haight district and started to freelance for HotWired. One of the world's first few websites with original content.

A year earlier I had heard an exciting talk by Howard Rheingold at the Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria about how Wired Magazine was to go online. This talk made me wanting to work with them and be part of the next step. HotWired was the first commercial web magazine, launched on October 27, 1994. Although it was part of Wired Ventures, HotWired was a separate entity from Wired, the print magazine, and had original content.

Coming from a motion design background the speed or more precisely the slowness of the web back then made it very difficult for me to adapt. No more motion graphics but silent slide shows - nothing audiovisual.

But it was tremendously inspiring to be in the HotWired offices, and to meet all their incredibly brilliant staff. Thanks to Barbara Kuhr for all her awesome inspiration!

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Motion Design for Sat.1 "Alarm"

Sat.1 title sequence

TV producer Ulrich Meyer hired me to produce the opening credits for his crime show Alarm on Sat.1, a privately owned German television broadcasting station. In his office he had a huge painting that he wanted me to reproduce and bring "to live" in the title sequence. It was an interesting challenge on my first job as a freelancer.

A collaboration with my water brotherHendrik John.
Music by Jan St. Werner.

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VOX Television

On air design for the launch of a new national TV channel

For almost two years I was employed as creative director VOX TV, a German television channel, headquartered in Cologne. Together with the sound director Jan St. Werner I was hired for the concept and production of the on air design for the launch of this new national TV channel. In collaboration with dozens of international designers and composers we produced the audiovisual packaging of more than 25 formats. The video here shows a short compilation.

Also read this article [German] – it has even more of the 1992 title sequences.

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RTL Television

On air promotion for a Russ Meyer special

After graduating from university I worked for three years (1989-1992) as art director at RTL Television, Germany's largest private free-to-air broadcaster. One of my last projects was this trailer for the screening of several Russ Meyer movies. Ulli Schumacher and I caem up with the idea and we produced it together. Ulli also introduced me to Arno Steffen.

Music and sound design by Arno Steffen, Cologne.

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