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Jury member @ Lead Awards 1998

Magazine of the year
February, 1998

Served as a jury member for the German LeadAward 1998.

The LeadAward is a German media prize. The LeadAcademy for Mediendesign and Media Marketing awards the award annually to German print and online media.

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Lecture @ Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Showreels, Trailer und elektronische Geschiebe – Goldschwitzen in den Medien
December 18th, 1995

My professor Prof. Dr. Bazon Brock invited me to give a talk about my profession as a motion designer at the Bergische Universität – University Wuppertal, where I graduated in Communication Design myself.

He named my keynote Showreels, Trailer und elektronische Geschiebe – Goldschwitzen in den Medien [Showreels, Trailer, and Electronic Shoving].

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Talk @ Cologne Conference 1995

The Logic of Success
June 20th, 1995

Lutz Hachmeister invited me to join the panel discussion The Logic of Success at the Cologne Conference 1995 in Cologne along with Manfred Becker / RTL, Stefan Boeder / ARD, Michael Graham-Smith / Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Martin Lambie-Nairn / Lambie-Nairn Company, and Hubert Schillhuber / DMC.

The Film Festival Cologne (formerly Cologne Conference) is an international film and television festival in Cologne. With approx. 10,000 visitors, it is considered to be the world's most popular TV festival.

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Talk @ Academy for the Arts Bremen

Parallel Universes - Reality depends on the interface we use
December 4th, 1993

The Hochschule für Künste – University of the Arts Bremen invited me to their conference Positionen zur Gestaltung [Positions on design] to present and discuss my work as creative director for a national commercial broadcaster.

I called my talk Parallel Universes - Reality depends on the interface we use, and talked about networks of communication replacing fixed hierarchies as well as design as a means of communication.

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Panelist @ PromaxBDA 1993

Approach to Alternative Design
June 21st, 1993

Attended the PromaxBDA international TV design conference in Orlando, Florida with a group of VOX senior designers. I was invited to join the panel Approach to Alternative Design alongside Andreas Combüchen / FBP NYC, and Roberta Brandao / XAOS San Francisco.

I talked about the design strategy for the on air design of the German national TV broadcaster VOX. This was my first panel as well as talk ever, and I delivered it in front of several hundreds of international motion designers.

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