Interview in PAGE 07/08

On Visual Music
June 2nd, 2008

Gave my friend Judith Mair an extended interview for the well-known German design magazine PAGE June issue. We talked about the relationship between audio and visuals - and all the possibilities if it is revised and equal.

Two of my students - Maurice Braun / Instituite For Music And Media and Nina Juric / Baden-Württemberg Film Academy - were also featured in this article.

Read the full article [German].

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Consultant @ University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Developing a master program Multi Media Art
June 30th, 2008

Karin Mairitsch, head of Multi Media Art faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria, invited me to join a team of 20 experts to help developing a new graduate program.

In addition to students and members of the faculty five consultants were hired to support this effort: Dr. habil. Frank Hartmann, Alexander Kohlhofer, David Muth, Michel Schütz and me. In an open and creative atmosphere ideas for an exceptional new design program evolved. The project will continue throughout 2008.

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Observing with all senses

Motion Graphics: Application and Criteria
August 2007

My essay Motion Graphics: Application and Criteria was published in the Festschrift-booklet Beobachten mit allen Sinnen: Grenzverwischungen, Formkatastrophen und emotionale Driften- Eine Festschrift für Bernd Scheffer (Münchener Studien zur literarischen Kultur in Deutschland) [Observing with all senses].

The booklet honored Bernd Scheffer, Professor for New German Literature at Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität, Munich and his influences and impulses given to media-theoretical thesis in contemporary media studies.

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halb rand

Reduction | Interaction | Motion picture

Considerations in basic design in multimedia context
November 29th, 2006

My text Pictures in motion - Motion Graphics: Applications and Criteria was published in Reduction | Interaction | Motion picture - considerations in basic design in multimedia context.

The publication provides an insight into the fundamentals of visual communication. It is intended to serve as a theoretical basis for basic design education, which integrates contemporary multimedia expressions and their effects.

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Inspired by Cut hands has the solution
August 23rd until 27th, 2006

Contributed my sculpture WH to the Hi Fans! exhibition at the c/o pop festival in Cologne. The design studio FRAM curated the exhibition and invited artists from all fields to come up with a visualization of their fandom.

Photos © Manu Burghart

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Interview in DE:BUG 96

About the Institute For Music And Media
Januar 2006

Gave my schoolmate and friend Vicky Tiegelkamp / playframe an interview for the German music magazine DE:BUG.

We talked about my new post at the Institute For Music And Media in Duesseldorf and their diploma program Audio and Video Engineering. To appoint a professorship at a University for Music to a communication designer is exceptional - if not unique. The students I work with are all musicians.

Read the full article [German].

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Digital Visual Media

My new post at IMM in the news
May 2005

The German newspaper Westdeutsche Zeitung introduced me as the new professor for Digital Visual Media at the Institute For Music And Media of the Robert Schumann Hochschule Duesseldorf.

Photo © Manu Burghart

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Studio space

And tons of chocolate

For one year I had the great pleasure to share an amazing studio space with my dear friend and brilliant designer Manu Burghart.

The Kölnischer Kunstverein sponsored this room with a view in Cologne's Chocolate Museum right at the banks of the river Rhine. First action Manu and I took was to renovate the room with tons of wallpaper fragments. If you ever need exceptional wallpaper ask our friend Bernd Sassmannshausen at 5qm to help with the decision.

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Deconstructed c/o pop shirt

Redesigning a shirt
August 6th, 2004

The Cologne based design studio FRAM asked 40 artists and designers to refine the official c/o pop t-shirts.

Mine got fillet, stuffed into a transparent plastic bag and subtitled with the very last words from Stanley Kubrick's very last movie. Done in old-fashioned Letraset. It is a pity that one can hardly read them on the picture above. 

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Virtual set design

Report and research project
Summer 2004

An inspiring project with six exceptional technical producers and designers from WDR Broadcasting. We had the chance to see virtual set technology in Warsaw, Bratislawa, London, Bergen, Madrid, and many other beautiful places in Europe.

After weeks of research we wrote the report Virtual set design and virtual TV studio technologies – several hundred pages long.

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